Work without work permit

Authorization to work in Canada without a work permit


  • R186(a)—Business visitor
  • R186(b)—Foreign representatives and R186(c)—Family members of foreign representatives
  • R186(d)—Military personnel
  • R186(e)—Foreign government officers
  • R186(f)—On-campus employment
  • R186(g)—Performing artists
  • R186(h)—Athletes and team members
  • R186(i)—News reporters, media crews
  • R186(j)—Public speakers
  • R186(k)—Convention organizers
  • R186(l)—Clergy
  • R186(m)—Judges, referees and similar officials
  • R186(n)—Examiners and evaluators
  • R186(o)—Expert witnesses or investigators
  • R186(p)—Health care students
  • R186(q)—Civil aviation inspector
  • R186(r)—Aviation accident or incident inspector
  • R186(s)—Crew
  • R186(t)—Emergency service providers
  • R186(u)—Implied status
  • R186(v)—Off-campus work
  • R186(w)—Off-campus work (transition to post-graduation status)
  • Assessing farm work
  • Public Policy: Short-term work permit exemption
  • Public Policy: 120-day work permit exemption for researchers

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